Northwest Ohio

Reducing the Risk

Reducing the Risk focuses on behavior goals such as a youth's avoidance unprotected sexual intercourse through 1) practicing abstinence or 2) using contraception. Nearly every activity supports this norm, by assisting teens to personalize information on the risks of unprotected sex and teaching them how to avoid unprotected sex. As such, Reducing the Risk addresses sexual risk-taking related to both pregnancy and HIV/STI prevention. Through experiential activities, participants learn to recognize and resist peer pressure, make decisions, and negotiate safer sexual behaviors. The curriculum is based on social learning theory, social inoculation (social influence) theory, and cognitive behavioral theory. Reducing the Risk also encourages students to talk to their parents about abstinence and birth control. This program is among those that were chosen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for its compendium of "Programs-that-Work."

Program Components:

  • Theory and value based sex education curriculum, including information on abstinence and contraception
  • Sixteen sessions, each lasting 45 minutes to 60 minutes, facilitated in the Toledo Public Schools 8th and 10th grade health classrooms
  • Includes experiential activities to build skills in refusal, negotiation, and communication, including parent-child communication
  • Facilitator trained from a certified Reducing the Risk trainer.