Northwest Ohio

Domestic Violence Services

Crisis Line (419) 241-7386 or (888) 341-7386

Domestic Violence Shelter

The YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter is a 17 room, 28 bed facility providing services for survivors of domestic violence.

Services offered include:
24/7 Crisis Hotline
24/7 Intakes
Court Advocacy
Safety Planning
Emotional Support
Domestic Violence Support Groups
Safe Space for Endangered Pets
Community Outreach
Community Education
Children's Activities and Advocacy
Economic Empowerment Groups
Linkage to Community Resources
Assistance with Independent Housing

Our extensive training program is available for medical professionals, salon professionals, teachers, college students, church and other groups. Call 888-341-7386 for more information.

Types of Abuse Include

- throwing objects, hitting, pushing, pulling hair, holding down
Sexual - sexual demands, forcing sexual acts against your will, sexual assault
Verbal/Emotional - criticizing, blaming, threatening, constant phone calls, hurting pets or possessions
Financial - making all the money decisions, withholding money or financial information, forcing partner to turn over paycheck
Psychological- finding fault with everything you do, denying events or details so that you doubt your memory or judgement

We Need Your Help

If you or your group would like to do something about domestic violence, there are many ways you can make a difference:

    Contributions  - The Shelter welcomes both monetary and in-kind donations. To see our wish list, click here.
    Daily Needs
    - These range from laundry detergent to educational toys for the children's area. 
    Volunteering - The Shelter has a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups
    Community Education - Learn more about domestic violence by scheduling a Shelter speaker for your school, group, or religious organization
The YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter Funders Include:

United Way

Children's Fund

Saunder's Animal Fund

Victims of Crime Act

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

State Victims Assistance Act

Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services
   Violence Against Women Act 
   Family Violence Prevention & Services
   Safety Grant
   Justice Assistance Grant


Emergency Food and Shelter Grant


City of Toledo
  Marriage Licences
  Emergency Shelter Grant from HUD