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About YWCA of Northwest Ohio

Our Mission:

The YWCA of Northwest Ohio is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. This mission statement was adopted by the YWCA USA General Assembly in 2009.

At the YWCA of Northwest Ohio, we are dedicated to providing dignity for all! As a vital community resource, we provide a safe and inclusive space where women can access support, resources, and educational opportunities to achieve their full potential. Our programs focus on leadership development, economic empowerment, and social justice advocacy. Through workshops, mentorship, and collaborative initiatives, we’re driving positive change in our region. Join us in creating a more equitable and thriving community for all.

Departments: Programs & Services

YWCA Child Care Resource & Referral
The YWCA Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) provides support services and programs geared to improve the lives and futures of children under the age of 6 years old. We target our programs, education, and services to those who make the most impact on children’s lives; parents, families, early education child care professionals, and other agencies.

YWCA Child Care Resource and Referral Services include:

  • Parent Learning and family activity Programs
  • Tailored Support, Professional Development, and Trainings to Child Care Providers
  • Free Consultations and Referrals to child care programs and community resources for families
  • collaborations with local community organizations to develop services and programs that affect children, families, and early childhood education professionals.

YWCA Healthy Connections
YWCA Healthy Connections encompasses two major programs: YWCA Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Program and our Infant Vitality Awareness Program. Our breast cancer awareness program targets under-served individuals to provide education and FREE screening services for breast cancer as well as help in transport to and from appointments. Our Infant Vitality Program helps women lead healthier lives throughout and after their pregnancies. Both programs provide awareness, education, help with appointments, and many more resources.

YWCA Healthy Connections Services Include:

  • Mammogram Days Offering Free Mammograms
  • Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Outreach & Awareness
  • Support, Education, and Transportation
  • Community Baby Showers and Resource Fairs

YWCA Racial Justice Department
The YWCA Racial Justice Department works on promoting racial justice, advocacy, and equity throughout Northwest Ohio. We strive to transform communities, systems, and public policy by providing education and bringing awareness to systemic racism using the following discussion based learning tools. 

YWCA Racial Justice Services Include:

  • Dialogue To Change
  • Lunch and Learn Webinars
  • Racial and Social Justice Book Discussions
  • Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenges

YWCA Victim Services Department
Our Victim Services Department consists of our Domestic Violence Shelter and Rape Crisis Center. Both are essential resources to the community; assisting community members in times of need.

Our Domestic Violence Shelter provides safety from abusers, emergency food and clothing, access to emotional support, and domestic violence step down housing. Our Domestic Violence Shelter is an emergency crisis shelter that is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day along with our 24/7 emergency hotline. The YWCA Rape Crisis Center also offers 24/7 services through our Crisis Hotline and our hospital outreach program. We serve hospital emergency departments providing in-person crisis intervention for victims of sexual violence during the Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) Process. Our crisis hotline is staffed 100% by volunteers, providing confidential support and information. 

YWCA Rape Crisis Center Services and DV Shelter Services Include: 

  • Safety Planning
  • Information and Referral
  • Court Advocacy and Accompaniment
  • 24/7 Crisis Hotline Providing Emergency Assistance
  • Sexual Assault Awareness + Education Presentations for Students, Professionals, and Community Groups

YWCA Youth Development
The YWCA Youth Development Department has empowered youth by providing national best practice teen pregnancy prevention programs since 1988. Our goal is to assist schools, parents, and the community in providing a unified voice in the promotion of healthy life-style education. Through our programs, students learn resiliency, refusal skills, and goal setting which result in the ability to make more responsible and healthy choices.

YWCA Youth Development Programs Include: 

  • In School Programs Educating on Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • After School Programs Encouraging Responsibility and Group Discussions to Improve Social and Emotional Skills
  • Teaching Healthy Behavior, Life Skills, & Sense of Purpose to Teens
  • Summer Programs & Activities Including Fun Social Activities and Community Service Projects

YWCA Permanent Supportive Housing
YWCA Northwest Ohio Apartments: The YWCA’s permanent supportive housing (PSH) project operates from a “Housing First” Model: The “Housing First” model assumes that the primary and most critical need of homeless people is safe and stable housing. The YWCA PSH program assists single women and women with children who are experiencing a housing crisis, to obtain appropriate, affordable housing, and providing or linking them to mainstream services that will help them maintain housing.