Congratulations to Supreme Court Justice  Ketanji Brown Jackson!

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Congratulations to Supreme Court Justice  Ketanji Brown Jackson!

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Today, the Senate confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson as the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States, making her the first Black woman, the sixth woman overall, and the first public defender to serve on the Court. We applaud her confirmation and are excited to see such an extraordinary & experienced jurist have a seat on the Court.

With a long history of working towards justice, Jackson’s leadership and knowledge will bring a keen perspective to the Court, which will continue to impact the everyday lives of communities of color, women, and those committed to justice. We are grateful to have a Justice who is committed to the service & support of others, especially those that often are unheard or underrepresented.

During her confirmation process, Judge Jackson endured unconscionable badgering from members of Congress and listened with unbelievable poise to the gender stereotypes and racist tropes about her qualifications, leadership, and experience. This is not a new experience for women, especially Black women. Black women have always shown up for America, and yet, they continue to endure hateful rhetoric from “leaders” in our country. It has to stop. We can’t wait any longer.

Congratulations to Supreme Court Justice  Ketanji Brown Jackson. She may be the first but will certainly not be the last Black woman to serve our country at this highest judicial level.

Statement from Monica Gray, CEO of YWCA National Capital Area: