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What a rollercoaster ride of emotions we have been on since the outbreak of the COVID virus in March! Some families are no longer working, while some are learning to work from home. Some families are working under the stress of being part of the essential workforce, facing the fear of bringing the virus home to loved ones. Children are no longer in their school classrooms or child care programs, but are now challenged to learn alternatively from home. Children’s and parents daily activities and routines are no longer routine. The two worlds colliding under one roof can be chaos and/or a blessing. The YWCA Child Care Resource and Referral (YWCA CCR&R) is here to help! Below are some ways in which the YWCA CCR&R has continued its programming during this time of uncertainty. We have included some resources that we hope will create a sense of routine, inclusion and calm for all. Resources are for families, caregivers, providers and the children in their lives.

For Families:

The YWCA CCR&R is offering a variety new virtual activities for families. Click on the links below to enjoy some story times or virtual play groups in your area.

Lucas County Virtual Story Time: Live group story time on Face book for Baby Talk Families. Families will have the option to interact with the storyteller. The families will receive books to read along with the Outreach Parent Specialist. Families in Lucas county with children birth to six in the home can enroll in the Baby Talk Program. Eligible families will complete an intake form with an Outreach Parent Specialist via phone or video chat and receive monthly books and learning activities. Families are able to communicate with an Outreach Parent Specialist via phone calls, video chat or Face book. A parent specialist is available to provide parent education support, information on development referrals to community resources after identify family needs. An Outreach Parent Specialist can be reached by phone at 419-399-0791 or via face book: YWCA CCR&R Parent Outreach Toledo Parent Outreach Page

Allen County, Virtual Play Group: Live play group in which families will be encouraged to participate in songs, puppets and activity. A story and a learning activity will be shared with families. Below are links to 2 Family Fun Learning Group Videos (including links to related art projects), Links to 3 Mother Goose On The Loose Baby Talk Lapsit Videos

After The Fall

How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again

Family Fun Learning Group Video 

Paper Bird Kite Craft


The Jungle Book Family Fun Learning Group Video 

Paper Chain Snake Craft

Black Panther Craft

Wolf Craft

Bear Paw Craft


Baby Talk Lapsit (Mother Goose On The Loose)

Itsy Bitsy Spider Video ]

Baby Talk Lapsit (Mother Goose On The Loose)

Hickory Dickory Dock Video

Baby Talk Lapsit (Mother Goose On The Loose)

I’m A Little Teapot Video

Story Time for all areas: Pre recorded story time by a YWCA CCR&R Outreach Parent Specialist. Families do not need the books to participate. Story times will be posted on the prospective Face book pages for families to view.

Jill Ogle, Outreach Parent Specialist -Lima Office posts Face book Story Times and Family Information video Sessions on Tuesdays. Allen County parent Face book page

Tiffany Sullivan, Outreach Parent Specialist, -Toledo Office posts Face book Story Time videos on Wednesdays. Toledo Parent Outreach Page

Ava Staples, Outreach Parent Specialist -Toledo Office posts Face book Story Time videos on Thursdays. Toledo Parent Outreach Page

For Child Care Providers:

The last 7 weeks have been a flurry of activity for the YWWCA Child Care Resource and Referral The Provider Specialists have been assisting child care programs apply for pandemic licenses to care for children of essential workers. Navigating the ODJFS pandemic licensing paperwork and payment systems has been critical for child care program viability.

In early April, the YWCA CCR&R surveyed the needs of the 191 pandemic child care programs in our service delivery area in order to determine their immediate operational and quality maintenance needs. Responses received from the programs led to the CCR&R staff submitting a revision to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services to reallocate $95,000 of the $177,000 Infrastructure grant (awarded in February 2020) to provide aid to the pandemic child care programs in the areas of Health and Safety, Administrative/Office Supplies, Infant and Toddler classroom materials and Preschool/School-age materials. The revised amendment was accepted and support has been ongoing. YWCA CCR&R staff are continuing work with vendors to have the selected materials shipped directly to the programs. Providers responses to this program has been phenomenal.

Additional technical assistance has been offered by YWCA CCR&R specialists to assist providers with their applications for small business loans through the Payroll Protection Program and the Emergency, Injury, Disaster loans programs which were made available for small businesses during this pandemic crisis.

As programs prepare to re-open, the YWCA CCR&R is here to help. There is a collection of valuable tools for providers to use, along with our technical assistance, when considering re opening your local early learning program. The link below will take you to the YWCA CCR&R events web page where you can find a re- opening checklist and a re-opening flow chart to help

you make the best decisions for your families and your small business (click here).

We have also provided our latest free online “face to face” Zoom trainings, (hint: Most are free!) Be sure to search using the training AT number listed (click here).

The YWCA CCR&R staff remain committed to providing essential services, training and technical assistance to all child care providers throughout the twenty counties serviced under the YWCA of Northwest Ohio. check out: