Community Newsletter Updates- Healthy Connections

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The YWCA Healthy Connections Department continues to thrive in the midst of the COVID19 Pandemic.  This  Pandemic has created much uncertainly and stress among not only our clients but in our individual lives. This virus has affected families and friends, some have survived some have not. The challenge in the HCD is our clients look to us to have answers to questions that even the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) continue to search to find, looking for evidenced best practices, vaccines and other answers possible to ensure people survive this horrible virus. The YWCA-Healthy Connections Department continues to provides quality programming  through our Breast Cancer Education and Awareness  and Pathways Hub Community Health Worker Program.  The Breast Cancer Awareness Program is meeting the needs of the clients by  our using telephone services.  The bi-weekly Touch My Hand Breast Cancer Support Group continues to meet via ZOOM. Although, this method is very acceptable, and has gone quite well; it has not  been without challenges for some of our clients who are not technology savvy  or do not have smart phones, tablets, or data plan that can access video calls.  Many  clients have shared   they ‘do not feel a part of the group because they can’t see,’ or ‘technology, I can’t do this, it’s not for everyone, I’ll just wait until we are back at the YWCA.’ Nonetheless, those women, that attend, group are enjoying and ‘appreciate we are able to stay connected.’  The Community Health Worker continues to meet the needs of our pregnant and maternal women completing  phone interviews to access the needs of clients. We use creative approaches to ensure the needs of our clients and their babies are addressed  and met. Although we make every effort to meet we all of our client via phone; it is not always possible, some clients are just difficult reach. Once we reach them we attempt to share with them the importance of “sheltering in” and practice ” social distancing,” during this pandemic season. Our Mission Continues.