Youth Development

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The YWCA Youth Development Department empowers youth by providing national best practice teen pregnancy prevention programs in Toledo Public Schools and a variety of school districts in Allen County. The YWCA’s teen pregnancy prevention efforts are making a significant difference. Teen birth rates in Lucas County have dropped nearly in half as part of a national trend that researchers attribute in large part to comprehensive sexuality education programs such as those that the YWCA provides. Although the state of Ohio and Lucas County have seen a decline in teen birth rates, it remains a problem for area youth.

Teen pregnancy is associated with increased poverty, increased school dropout rates, low educational obtainment, and increased health issues. Through our programs, students learn resiliency, refusal skills, and goal setting which result in the ability to make more responsible and healthy choices. Our goal is to assist schools, parents, and the community in providing a unified voice in the promotion of healthy life-style education.

If you would like further information about any of our programs, please contact Tycie Alcorn at 419-241-3235 ext. 120 or email