Teen Outreach Program


The Wyman Teen Outreach Program (TOP®) presented by the YWCA of Northwest Ohio promotes positive youth development through a combination of curriculum-guided group discussion and volunteer service activity.  TOP is an after-school program that offers weekly meetings where students can discuss teen issues, choose and participate in community service projects, and connect positively with peers.  Research has proven that service learning improves character, values, responsibility, and academics while providing a sense of connection to the school and community. It also promotes social and emotional skills. YWCA TOP teens contribute over 2,000 service hours to the community annually.

The Teen Outreach Program is open to all high school students who attend Toledo Public Schools. If you would like further information, please contact Penny Tullis at 419-241-3235 ext. 120 or email @ ptullis@ywcanwo.org.