Healthy Connections

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Breast Health & Education

Infant Mortality Education

YWCA Healthy Connections 

YWCA Healthy Connections encompasses two major programs: YWCA Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Program and The Infant Mortality Awareness Program.

Our breast cancer awareness program targets women over the age of 40 who are either under-insured or under-served and provides them with education and free screening services for breast cancer. We have provided education to over 50,000 women and 12,500 women have received clinical screening service.

In our Infant Mortality Awareness Program, our Infant Mortality Community Health Worker (CHW) serves pregnant and maternal women. Although the major focus is women 40 and under, we serve all pregnant women; linking them to services which aids in a healthy birth. The CHW provides education and awareness to pregnant women and seeks to remove barriers which may prevent the delivery of a healthy baby.