Healthy Connections

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Healthy Connections is devoted to one major program: EncorePlus for breast health. EncorePlus targets women over the age of 40 who are either under-insured or under-served and provides them with education and free screening services for both breast and cervical cancer.

EncorePlus has provided education to over 31,000 women and 937 women have been documented as receiving clinical screening service. Fatalities resulting from women’s cancers can be directly linked to income. This program provides education to underprivileged women to help in early detection of these cancers.

A breast cancer education, screening, and support program that links medically under-served women age 40 and over to no-cost mammograms. Services include transportation, language translation, advocacy, and referral to community resources.

The Healthy Connections EncorePlus Program:

  • Offers outreach, breast health education, screening, and support for medically underserved and/or uninsured women
  • Links women to no-cost mammograms
  • Services include transportation, language translation, and advocacy and referral to community resources
  • Provides one-to-one support offered to those with suspicious screening results, and for women diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Links uninsured women aged 40-64 to various resources for annual Mammogram and Clinical Breast Exam screening
  • Uninsured/underinsured resources include: CareNet’s network of providers, ProMedica’s indigent programs, and free breast and cervical screening projects offered by area hospitals.

We educate both Medicaid and Medicare recipients about coverage of Annual Screening Mammography and assist them in obtaining the service from providers that accept those benefits. ENCOREplus provides free breast-health presentation illustrating American Cancer Society guidelines for Mammography, Clinical Breast Exams, and Self-Breast-Exams.

ENCOREplus supports women in their breast-health efforts by:

  • Providing transportation assistance for women for whom this is an obstacle.
  • Facilitating language translation.
  • Distributing incentive gifts to women that complete mammogram screenings.
  • Providing reminders for annual screenings.
  • Advocating for clients and providing referral to community resources. One-to-one support offered to those with suspicious screening results, and for women diagnosed with breast cancer.