Racial Justice Resources

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Racial Justice Resources


  • White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo
  • So you want to talk about race, Ijeoma Oluo
  • Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, Robert Putnam
  • Race Matters, Cornell West
  • Conspiracy of Kindness, Steve Sjoren
  • Embracing the Value of Diversity Conversations, Eric Ellis
  • Racism in the United States: Implications for the Helping Professions, Joshua L. Miller, Ann Marie Garran
  • Racism Without Racists: Color-blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
  • Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader, Routledge Student Readers, Les Back, John Solomos, Editors
  • Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice, Paul Kivel
  • Ghosts of Jim Crow: Ending Racism in Post-Racial America, F. Michael Higginbotham
  • The Violence of Hate: Confronting Racism, Anti-semitism, and Other Forms of Bigotry, Jack Levin, Jim Nolan
  • Waking Up White, Debby Irving
  • Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, J.D. Vance
  • Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson
  • Jane Elliot’s Bibliography  
  • Books by Tim Wise
  • Racial Justice Books



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