YWCA Dialogue to Change

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Racism affects every community and every person’s quality of life. It shows up in inequalities between groups and creates tension among people from different ethnic backgrounds. In order to have a healthy community, we need to face racism head on. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the partnership between the YWCA of Northwest Ohio and Dialogue to Change.

The YWCA has been in our community for 125 years working toward the elimination of racism and the empowerment of women. Lisa McDuffie President and CEO of the YWCA is thrilled to continue the positive impact that Dialogue to Change (DTC) has had in the community. DTC is a national best practice curriculum that invites community members together to discuss race relations and experiences in an effort to create a vision to change our community.

More than 200 individuals have participated in small group sessions addressing issues of racism since the 2013 inception. YWCA Dialogue to Change was developed by the late Reverend Karen Shepler and Toledo Community Coalition in an effort to address institutional racism. Groups may meet for six consecutive weeks for 90 minutes per session or participate in a Dialogue for a day, one day for eight hours.

For information on hosting a group, becoming a trained facilitator, or questions please contact Lisa McDuffie at admin@ywcanwo.org or 419-241-3235.