YWCA Dialogue to Change

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Racism affects every community and every person’s quality of life.  It shows up in inequities between groups and in tensions among individuals from different ethnic backgrounds.

In order to have healthy communities and a strong country, we need to face racism head-on.  In a democracy, there must be ways for everyone to have a voice in finding the solutions and in carrying them out.

Created by Everyday Democracy, Dialogue to Change is a national program that many cities, such as Stamford and Hamden, CT, Syracuse, NY, Durham, North Carolina and many more have adopted as their curriculum for race relations conversations. The late, Reverend Karen Sheplar and members of Toledo Community Collation were instrumental in bringing Dialogue to Change to Toledo. Dialogue to Change was volunteer led from 2013-2016. Dialogue to Change became a program under the YWCA’s Racial Justice platform in 2016.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Dialogue to Change (DTC):