Toledo Black Agenda

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In response to local and national unrest surrounding the murder of George Floyd, and an ongoing system of unrestrained and unrelenting racism toward black citizens, several community leaders from the black community convened to develop the Toledo Black Agenda.

The agenda is the organized and aggressive collective voice and call to action to ensure that there is a greater understanding and ultimate realization that “Black Lives Matter.”

The racial inequity that exists today is the direct result of “Structural racism,” a term that asserts that the United Sates is steeped in policies, practices and culture that either by purpose or by indifference, exclude and oppress people of color. While the task force- convened by both Lisa McDuffie of the YWCA of Northwest Ohio, and Robin Reese, of Lucas County Children’s Services- recognizes that racism affects all people of color, this document was created by representatives of the Black community for the Toledo Black community.

Across the United States, racism has been declared a public health crisis in multiple metropolitan areas. Toledo City Council and the Lucas County Commissioners each, unanimously, passed the same declaration. This declaration is truly represent a step in the right direction. However, a declaration alone will not institute change. Concrete actions must be planned and executed to give credibility and effect to these well-intentioned government decrees.

Collective support from all sectors of the community have contributed to the recommendations presented in the agenda. The coalition has zero tolerance for inequity and believe that will drive momentum towards true, lasting and effective change for the Black community in Greater Toledo.



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