YWCA Child Care Staffing Solutions

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YWCA Child Care Staffing Solutions

Child Care Staffing Solutions is a new automated platform that connects job-ready substitutes with child care programs in need of quality child care staff. Substitutes can be used as an employee benefit to fill a gap until child care programs can hire quality replacements, or as support while child care providers invest in their own professional development.

Child Care Matters is available for you to purchase credits and access your staffing solutions account. Click the link below if you are already registered for sub-pool services. This is currently available for Lucas County childcare providers only. If you would like more information on the YWCA Staffing Solutions Substitute Pool, please email admintoledo2@ywcanwo.org.


To find out more about becoming a substitute in the YWCA Staffing Solutions platform, click the link below.

Become A Substitute